Trans Experience – School, College and Barbie

A non binary trans experience from young artist Albedo

Albedo is a brilliant young artist based in West Cumbria. We love their work and wanted to learn more about their experience as a queer neurodivergent person growing up here. We also wanted to find out a bit more about their self portrait in a Barbie box!

We asked Albedo to introduce us to their experience in their own words. Watch this space as we have a suspicion we will be calling upon their talents in 2024.

I’m Albedo or Aro for short, age 20 and my pronouns are they/them/void/moon/meow.

I’m a queer POC artist.

I am aromantic asexual lesbian, and I am also Agender/gender-void.

People knew that I was not straight but no one knew that I was (at the time) a trans man. I kept that for a very long time…from year nine until I went to college. I never planned on coming out as I saw how my fellow trans people where treated. I still had difficulty processing everything but I did eventually come out when I started college as they have a very queer accepting space so I felt safe doing so.

So I personally think in secondary schools there should be more queer spaces where queer kids would feel safe in, as most kids tend to explore and develop at that period of life. 

Anyways to conclude this, when I was in school the queer experience was bad but through college it got better, although because I am not a binary trans person people still don’t see me as me, and there are still issues.

The issues were also to do with my race, me recently moving to England, mental illness and being neurodivergent. 

The drawing I’ve decided to submit is my self-portrait in the Barbie box. when I was drawing it, it gave me mixed feelings, I genuinely thought I was never gonna finish this drawing because it made me feel weird but I did it ❀(*´▽`*)❀

The piece is called; The non binary trans experience watching Barbie[AFAB POV].

I never grew up into a woman because I never became a woman, I was a girl so I relate to the girl experience. I can’t wish I was a man ether because I know if I was a man or AMAB it would still feel wrong, it’ll make life easier but it would be wrong.


Now I’m just a grown up that never grew up.

Me – an AFAB Agender person responding to the Barbie movie!

Words and Image by Albedo

*AMAB = Assigned Male At Birth

*AFAB = Assigned Female At Birth