Carlisle’s Iconic Kiss

An image speaks a thousand words!

A now iconic image portraying queer power, photographer Stephen Benson offers us a short personal insight into our first ever cover photo:

This photograph was taken on the 20th of June, 2015 at Carlisle Pride.

The man on the left is well known for his public preaching, which many regard as intolerant hate speech, and he chose a Pride event to voice his apparent homophobia. An incensed member of the public asked “Are you saying I don’t love my wife?” to which he replied “You CAN’T love your wife.” Sensing her rage, the wife in question grabbed her partner and quashed the argument with this passionate kiss. 

For once, the speaker looked beaten, defeated by the very thing he thinks he is promoting; love. The speaker’s defeat is balanced by the joy of the young person to the right of the picture. Pride indeed.

Image and words Stephen Benson