From Silloth to Seascale, Kendal to Keswick, Cumbria has a flourishing population of LGBTQ+ people who make the county a rich and vibrant place to live!

Queer Cumbria is a space that celebrates & connects our growing queer community. We platform queer voices & talents, promote queer initiatives and help queer people find the networks & support they are looking for.

Queer Cumbria magazine is available in quarterly print runs, with copies given out free to cafes and event spaces across the county. It supports LGBTQ+ writers, artists and photographers and aims to help people find queer things to do and queer folks to do them with.

We are a small motley crew of LGBTQ+ people from Cumbria. Having worked in arts, youth work, journalism and events over recent years, we recognised a need for more queer representation and to connect us all as a community. So here we are!

Check out our ‘Articles & Heritage’ page for the magazine and our ‘Directory’ page to link you with some great organisations. You can also ‘Contact Us’, we welcome contributors, ideas, thoughts, cups of tea and new friends.

It’s queer up ‘ere and and it just got queerer!