Queer Astrological Forecast Part Two

Stock up on your positive affirmations to slay your way to 2024

Following on from last weeks queer astrological forecast by our friends at Crystal Vision, here’s part two, some useful affirmations to harness your own magic and keep you manifesting all the way into January.

“It’s not who I am that holds me back, it’s everything I think I’m not. I let these limiting beliefs go to achieve things beyond my wildest dreams” .Let’s leave those inner self saboteurs in 2023, this full moon clears the way for a new era of self appreciation and fulfilment, the first step to claiming everything you want is letting go of the self limiting boundaries you have boxed yourself in with. YES, breaking and dismantling those beliefs can be scary, but this lunation encourages us to look beyond our comfort zone and embody all our personal power to achieve things beyond our imagination. 2024 is bringing in abundance and prosperity not only on the physical plane, but emotionally and spiritually too!

“The universe exists to make opportunities for me, it conspires to open every door that’s meant for me”. This one is pretty self explanatory. I want you to imagine the universe as a friend, gently guiding you as you navigate through your human experience. Although we can’t always see the plan, I want you to TRUST that what’s meant for you will never pass you by. Every step you take and every decision you make is devine, because you are magic! Start believing it!

“I fight my own corner and hold space for the things that really matter to me, I use the magic of ‘NO’ to decline things that don’t serve me”. Boundary setting? Hot. People pleasing? Not. We’re moving into a new energetic phase in 2024, so why not use this opportunity to teach those around you how to treat you by deciding (and enforcing) what you will and won’t accept. Your time and energy are precious, you have the luxury of deciding how you will use them to propel you closer to your own aspirations and goals, no matter how big or small! Remember, although boundary setting can be uncomfortable, the only people who will object are those who have been benefiting from crossing yours. The key is to start small and focus on one at a time. Correct those continually misusing your pronouns! Decline those extra shifts at work when you need rest! Use ‘no’ as a powerful protective spell to shield you from burnout in the midst of this emotionally charged phase.

“My inner peace is worth making time for, I am kind and generous, but my boundaries will not be bent or broken”. This one goes hand in hand with the power of no…there is nothing selfish about making time and space for the things that matter to you. Daring to enforce your boundaries is a courageous and radical act of self love even when we risk disappointing others- remember your truth, when you stand by your boundaries, you align yourself with a loving way of living…open your arms and embrace allllllllll that high vibrational energy, ‘no’ feels good sometimes!

I leave you with love and magic, Em x (@crystalvisionapothecary)

Art by @verywarmfridge