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Making young music inclusive

Save the date for 15th February and get yersel down to the Brickyard to support young bands at an inclusive […] Read More
cool kid by the popcorn

I can handle another 949 days of this school, I think

When we received a reader story by 10 year old Delilah we were so taken by their humour and imagination […] Read More

Emerging Artist | Leon

Tell us a bit about yourself… Leon, 19 and from Carlisle…I’m studying illustration at the University of Huddersfield and I […] Read More

Our Fave Moments of Graduate Art

Art is hard to write about sometimes. I have always struggled to put my feelings about it into words without […] Read More

Carlisle’s Iconic Kiss

A now iconic image portraying queer power, photographer Stephen Benson offers us a short personal insight into our first ever […] Read More
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Film | Queer in Cumbria

Created by Jade Ward, Queer in Cumbria is a short documentary designed to highlight and elevate queer voices while also […] Read More

Poem | 25 and F*ck

Middle pit, stomach Anxiety thick Life’s a kick in the gut Anxiety, cut the glut Forever stuck in a rut […] Read More

Emerging Artist QA | Ruben

Tell us a bit about you… Im Ruben, a seventeen your old trans artist from Carlisle. I currently work digitally […] Read More

Inclusive Feminism | Woman UP!

Woman Up provides spaces and a platform for women to share their ideas, stories and achievements with other women, challenging discrimination […] Read More

Its Always Been Queer | Urania

Born in Carlisle in 1869, gender- radical Thomas Baty was an international lawyer, writer, and editor of the genderqueer journal […] Read More

Trans Youth on Record

I guess what I’m getting at is that, what you’re filming and creating is chaotic, and a chaotic process, you […] Read More