Crystal Vision Apothecary brings us their cosmic offering for December and into 2024! Part 1!

Happy December, Angels!
This month blesses us with our final, beautiful and introspective full moon of the year, and it’s set to be an emotional and illuminating one, so strap in and grab your tissues ready for The Cold Moon in Cancer (December 27th BST).

Because the tender hearted water signs rule our emotions and desires, this lunation is bringing us full circle as the year draws to a close, guiding us home to ourselves after a testing year of ups and downs. Energetically, emotionally and physically, this is a time of releasing all that 2023 has brought us in order to step into 2024 renewed and restored. Our words hold more power than ever under this potent full moon, so use them carefully and mindfully- let them be the stepping stones that pave your way moving forward into 2024. The Cancer Moon guides us through deep inner emotional release which may feel pretty intense- all that you have been carrying and holding on to is about to come to the forefront to be acknowledged and addressed…there’s no hiding from the moon honey!

The closure you have been seeking (or avoiding!) is going to find its way to you this month, like it or not. This cycle is all about allowing yourself to forgive and let go, It’s important to honour every single version of yourself you have grown out of this year, thank them for their service, and let them go. When we feel safe in ourselves, we allow ourselves to ascend closer and closer to the highest versions of ourselves.

December is the perfect time to give yourself a spiritual hug, spend some introspective time with yourself to reflect on everything you have been through this year, and honour the actions that feel in alignment with your goals for the new year. Not happy where you are? Move. This moon phase is guaranteed to illuminate anything that doesn’t align with your highest self, if something doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to question it.

It’s important to know that it’s okay to feel foggy or stuck, it’s okay to cry and it’s okay to feel every single intense emotion on the spectrum all at once, in fact, it’s a gift to feel so deeply!

So, moonstone clutched tightly in hand, here are my affirmations for December! Feel free to read these out loud, meditate on them, write them in a journal, scream them from the top of your cumbrian fell of choice if you feel inspired to do so!

“All feelings are meant to be felt, even the big uncomfortable feelings are sent to help me learn myself more deeply”. This one is PERFECT for the emotionally turbulent month of December because it serves as a reminder that even the painful or uncomfortable emotions serve a purpose. Use these moments to further explore yourself; safely confronting the feelings we are taught to repress is your one way ticket to unlocking the power of and wisdom of your emotions.

More affirmations on their way in a couple of days!

With love and magic, Em xxx

Thank you to @verywarmfridge for the artwork!