Making young music inclusive

Charity music event comes to the brickyard this month

Save the date for 15th February and get yersel down to the Brickyard to support young bands at an inclusive live music event. We spoke to Ro from the majority queer band The Spectrum about how they organised the event and why we need more like it in Cumbria!

Hi Ro, can you introduce yourself and let us know a bit about you and what you do? 

I’m Ro, I’m a 17 year old student in my last year at sixth form. I’m studying Drama and Sociology. I do a lot of music with my band the Spectrum. I also create music with a very indie jazz vibe at the minute. I’m hoping to go into Theatre and a lot of community work when I leave school and I’m very passionate about making music accessible and inclusive.

Can you tell us about the event and where the idea came from?

So initially I had this idea as I wanted to further my event planning experience. I also think there is a lack of opportunity for young musicians and wanted to create that myself.

So overall, there are actually 2 events on the 15th Feb. One in the afternoon which is invite only and is aimed at people who wouldn’t usually be able to access a gig at a place like The Brickyard. There’s also going to be a performance from the Heathlands’ band Music Mayhem. Then there’s the evening gig.

I have been working with Heathlands to set up the afternoon and evening gig and they’ve generously covered the costs of the venue hire so that all of the ticket and merch profit can go to Jigsaw Children’s Hospice.

What can people expect at the event?

When going to the event, expect a high neon theme (you’re welcome to wear neon) and a jam-packed night full of talent. Hopefully a night to remember!

What’s the line up and the vibe of the bands?

So the line up is:

Reavers – an original indie band from Penrith.

Dazed – an original punk/funk band from Keswick and Workington.

Band Next Door – an indie cover band formed mainly at Carlisle College.

The Spectrum – a high energy cover band from Carlisle, a good mix of radge and chilled with a complete range of styles and personalities.

Can you tell us why these kind of events are important to the community?

These events are so important to showcase the amount of young talent Cumbria has, as well as showcasing the bands that don’t usually get the limelight. In my band, The Spectrum, we pride ourselves on being a majority queer band. This often marginalises us but we don’t let it stop us performing to the max.

Do you think we need more events like this for the LGBTQ community?

I think for the LGBTQ community, there is such a massive need for this. There is so much hidden talent that deserves to be shown and The Brickyard is a perfect place for this, as it truly is a melting pot of community, culture and personality.

How can people get tickets?

Tickets are available on The Brickyard website and on the insta @thespectrumband_ Look out for posters with QR codes as well.