Poem | I Wanna be a Star

a poem by R Borgia

The stars are what humans use to define beauty.

To define peace.

The stars prove the subjectivity of beauty that we decide is true.

The stars are rock and dust they don’t feel anything when we compliment them, write poems about them, but we in our nature always do.

Maybe our lust for the stars isn’t for them but to be them forever floating effortlessly doing nothing but brighten our night sky and forever being complimented on our beauty.

I want to be a star.

It has no gender, no expectation, no skill, no pressure.

No pain.

The stars shed stardust when they weep, why do I create floods around the feet of my enemies?

Who I created to look back at me from the silver screen, when I ask why am I me?

Nobody prepares you for a feeling of pain, for a feeling of lust toward a beauty not connected to you or the models on insta.

But to the stars effortlessly existing.

My experience from existing on this earth is that humans are like the sun, never doing the right thing.

We become too hot and burn the ones we love but when we hide we run away from the things we hate.

That’s why we love the stars, the effortless stars that do no harm, that float and make our sky pretty when we have had nothing but rain in the day.

I don’t believe we are alone in this solar system because the planets and rock are part of our lives.

The only thing I can relate to is a star.

An effortlessly floating star.

Words Ro Borgia

Image Emily Ford